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Ford Mustang S650 the 7th generation - It's here!

The new Mustang is here and we were at the premiere! Everything about the new vehicle and an unexpected special model can be found in our blog! But the most important thing in advance - there is again a V8!

15.09.2022 | Vorstellung des S650 - Der Mustang der 7. Generation ist da

Last night was the night: At the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), Ford finally presented the long-awaited 7th generation of the world's best-selling sports coupe. While the other manufacturers are slowly but surely clearing all halfway affordable coupes, sports and fun cars from their shelves, while the musclecar rivals are being sent into early retirement, there is a kind of small Gallic village in Dearborn/Michigan that just won't let itself be defeated. For almost 60 years now Ford has been pleasing people with their fun ponycar and that without a break, without a dropout, without ifs and buts. The Mustang survived the turn of the millennium, the oil crisis and apparently it can't be stopped by the current world situation. The S650 is here and it comes with a V8!

[Bildquellen: ©Ford | https://www.ford.com/]

Let's take a closer look at the new vehicle and start with the exterior design: At first glance, it looks more like a facelift than a new development, and we think that's a good thing. The Mustang is immediately recognizable as such. It is in fact a completely new development and will be offered again as a coupe and convertible. Ford itself describes the look as a "sharper" design. We notice larger air intakes, a more prominent grille, wide LED headlights and a new hood. Out back, the changes are more noticeable, with wider fenders, shorter overhangs, and a rear end that tapers more than before. Fortunately, the rear headlights remain mustang-typical and thus three-piece! However, we mustn't forget to mention that, according to Ford, for the first time the individual model versions will receive individually designed front sections that will allow them to be visually distinguished at first glance. The whole thing initially comes in 12 colors, including the three new and "attention-grabbing" shades of Blue Amber, Vapor Blue and Yellow Splash.

But let's take a look under the sheet metal, where Ford promises improved mechanical components, more powerful software and, above all, a new eight-cylinder V-engine with a displacement of 5.0 liters. It comes from the new Generation IV engine family and is said to have more power and improved responsiveness. There is also a new intake system with dual air intakes and dual throttle bodies. Unfortunately, we can't find any more precise information on performance yet, but it's certainly good news for many that the 7th generation will also be available with more than just a 10-speed automatic. A 6-speed manual transmission (with rev-match) is and will remain standard! This is all supported by a new Drivemode system with up to six interactive and customizable programs. Specifically, these would be: Normal, Sport, Smooth, Drag, Race Track and a freely configurable mode.


On the dynamic side, the MagneRide2 chassis is offered as an option. The latter uses sensor information to adapt the characteristics of the shock absorbers to the road conditions in millisecond intervals via a hydraulic oil with electronically controllable viscosity. There is also a differential lock on the rear axle, a strut brace and a shorter steering ratio. 19-inch wheels, a Brembo brake system and a flap exhaust system are rather less surprising. 

The biggest change at first glance we make in the interior. Ford calls it a digital experience world, and that translates: Behind the now downward-flattened steering wheel is a 12.4-inch digital instrument panel that can display different layouts, which in turn are influenced by the individual Drivemode programs. "We've creatively used every single pixel to our advantage" says the vehicle's interaction design manager, meaning both that all the important information can be displayed and that the driver is left to decide the configuration. But that's not the end of the story, because the instrument display flows smoothly into a 13.2-inch touchscreen for the Ford Sync 4 entertainment and communication system. The same is located under the same glass cover and is also oriented towards the driver. Since Ford itself believes that customers want the most digital Mustang ever, numerous physical controls such as audio system controls or climate control have been eliminated, all of which have now been integrated into the digital display. Certain systems and functions can now be updated wirelessly "over the air" just like on the Mach-E. A nice gimmick is the USB ports on the top edge of the roof, which make it easier to connect action cams for recording on trips to the race track, for example. To close the interior chapter: a new B&O sound system with 12 speakers can now also transmit the engine sound to the interior. Whether you really need this in an 8-cylinder is open to question, but perhaps the stage is already being set here for future powertrain versions. The seats are still available in leather, and depending on the variant, the usual decorative stitching will also be available again. 


Of course, in today's world, even once-so-rustic ponycars can no longer do without a comprehensive safety package, full of modern technology. The S650, for example, is packed with the latest generation of driver and assistance systems that already distinguish the Mustang Mach-E. These include, for example, the traffic sign recognition system, intelligent adaptive cruise control with stop & go functionality, lane center assist, avoidance assist and reverse brake assist. Another pretty cool feature is "Active Pothole Mitigation" in combination with the MagneRide suspension. This feature continuously monitors, in addition to suspension response and body movement, steering as well as braking response to adjust suspension settings accordingly. With the help of the FordPass app, the car can also be started remotely or switched off (in combination with the automatic transmission), the doors can be locked or unlocked, a departure time can be set in the morning, the vehicle's location can be determined, and there is even a 24-hour service available in the event of theft.

As if all this were not enough, there is another premiere next to the GT: With the Mustang Dark Horse, an even sportier version enters the stage, which is supposed to surpass all previous 5.0 Mustangs! That sounds like a "full attack" on the sports car market to us, and we think that's really good! At the heart of this special variant is an even more powerful version of the new eight-cylinder engine with modified camshafts and "dark horse" tuning. The engine features, for example, a dual throttle intake system that allows twice the air flow in favor of additional power and is unique in this segment. Standard here is a 6-speed manual transmission from TREMEC with a handsome titanium shift ball. Alternatively, the Mustang Dark Horse will also be available with the 10-speed automatic including paddle shifters on the steering wheel.   

The Dark Horse Performance package, which is designed to cope with the high thermal stresses of forced circuit operation, also reads very promisingly. This includes, for example, additional coolers for engine and transmission oil (automatic variant) as well as a cooler for the rear axle differential, a particularly lightweight water cooler with improved heat dissipation and especially powerful radiator fans. A Torsen differential lock is also on board ex works. There are also high-performance shock absorbers, stronger anti-roll bars, an upgraded Brembo braking system and P Zero PZ14 sports tires from Pirelli. As a gimmick worth discussing, there is also a kind of electronic drift brake, which probably makes beginners look good as well.

You can see the whole presentation from the 14.09.2022 in Detroit in this video:

At the same time, a Mustang Dark Horse S is being developed for pure racetrack use. But more about that in a later blog. For now, we are happy about the next evolutionary stage of this legend and celebrate that Ford holds out the prospect of the S650 for late summer 2023 also for the German market. This means that the Mustang will continue to be one of the few constants in a world that is changing ever faster, and for this alone we simply have to send a big thank you to Dearborn. Thank you, that it goes on. ...


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